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“Will they remember us” is growing collective of missing people, surrounding the main focus on Doe twenty-four a 32x36 portrait of john doe 24 that was found in 1945 in Jacksonville.


The archives of missing people will grow with missing children that have not been found till this day but we all know their names and with celebrities and pubic figures that have also miraculously disappeared. The Lost & Innocent from Amelia Earhart, Dorothy Arnold and Michael Rockefeller. 


Doe twenty four tells the story about the secretes of Human Worth, that is right in front of our faces but is masked by words, denial and foolishness.



A boy that was found in 1945, a blind, black and deaf teenager leaving a legacy pieced by words and stories of unwontedness. Being the 24th John doe to enter the states mental health system. Growing old with pride even though he was never looked for by family or friends. A person that was found but because of his imperfections, whatever that word means to you, will never be remembered.


For the rich and beautiful you can vanish one day and be rememebred forever. 


Will they remember you?



Inspired by stories combined of real life events and fiction. From 1967’s Picnic at Hanging Rock written by Joan Lindsay then adapted to screenplay by Australian author Cliff Green for the film in 1975 by Peter Weir. To Films inspired from real life events like The EnigMa Of Kaspar Hauser. As humans we are attracted to mysteries. We long for knowledge and understanding, even if we can’t have it all. 



This is a portrait to Remember John Doe Twenty Four. 

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